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Welcome to Firearm Owners Today magazine published for your enjoyment and owned and operated by Hawkins for Nevada Foundation, Inc. a division of the University of Business Ambassadors – UofBA, Inc. 501 (c) (3)

“Lifestyle magazine dedicated to mentoring, shooting, and events for our Family & Friends who are Firearm Owners… M. Kameron Hawkins Founder/Publisher & Volunteer.”

Let me introduce myself, if we have never met. I’m M. Kameron Hawkins and I’m proud to be at the helm of such a fine platform. A platform for you as a fellow firearm owner can gain insight from others like ourselves.

Our goals are to support those who support others. When you plan on holding a firearm event, I would be honored to support you and your event. Not just once, but from now on.

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If you know of an upcoming event firearm related… have the promoter contact us at call/text: ‪775.583.8176‬ and I’ll have their event published online on our Event Page right away. If we have time to make our publishing deadline, their event will be in the Firearm Owners Today magazine both in print and online at no cost or fee.

Firearm Owners Today, what an outstanding lifestyle magazine for mentoring, shooting and events for our brothers and sisters who are firearm owners.

In closing – I’m a strong supporter of our 2nd Amendment as well as our full Constitution of United States of America. When you review our magazine (s) you will always find our full Constitution. To you the promoters of firearm event(s) Gun Shows, Hunting Outings & Trips, Classes etc. I want to talk with you and thank you now for bringing our like minded bothers and sisters together for your event(s)…

Until next time enjoy Firearm Owners Today…

M. Kameron Hawkins – Founder & Publisher, Veteran and Volunteer